Eager Spiritual Leader with commitment to increasing young people’s involvement in Christian faith. Successful at planning innovative events to cultivate welcoming youth community and develop comprehensive personal growth. Extensively knowledgeable about relating to middle and high school students and trained in Biblical discipleship skills.

Seekers basketball training looks to instill the fundamentals of the sport being taught while also helping each athlete find their God given potential.

Seekers Fitness looks to enhance the well-being of each individual (Young Adults to Senior Citizens) who would like to prosper in their health. Our trainer specializes in weight loss and body-toning. If you are looking to have the best shape or lose some pounds, Seekers Fitness is the way to go.

generations with the proper spiritual guidance through community service, bible study groups and sports.

Trae Gaines desires to enhance the spiritual nature of each engagement by helping others acknowledge the inner ability to reach their God given potential.

Prospers Training provides fitness workouts for individuals looking to prosper in their health.